Height Requirements

1 Nature's Furies Tube Slides 42"
2 Hawaiian Adventures Body Slides 42"
3 Tsunami Family Raft 42"
4 Tidal Wave Wave Pool N/A
5 Thrills of Fiji High Speed 48"
6 Bora Bora Racers Mat Slides 42"
7 Waimea “Lazy” River Relaxing N/A
8 'Ohana Bay Various N/A
9 Tidal Pool Relaxing N/A
  Weak, Non-Swimmers and Guests 42" and below should wear a lifevest and be supervised by an adult  
*Temp - Slides 1

Wave Pool Closed
The State of California and the County of Fresno have mandated the closure of our wave pool until repairs can be made to the surface. Our staff will work diligently to complete those repairs as quickly as possible and we will announce as soon as the wave pool is reopened. Thank you for your understanding

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