Park Rules & Code of Conduct


The following are the rules and code of conduct for the park. All attendees must abide buy these rules.

  • – No Running
  • – NO alcohol or illegal drugs may be brought into the park.
  • – Food or drink may be brought into the park. NO glass containers allowed.
  • – NO loitering, unruly behavior, profanity, or line cutting allowed.
  • – No cooking or warming food of any kind.
  • – NO personal floatation devices may be brought into the park.*
  • – Personal Shade structures brought into the park must not obstruct any paths or walkways  impose upon other guest’s personal space.
  • – NO “boom boxes” or TVs allowed in the park.
  • – Guests must refrain from using foul, profane offensive language or gestures.
  • – Guests must abide by posted attraction instructions, lifeguard & management instructions.
    *Flotation devices designed and intended for use by babies/toddlers (ie: am floats, baby rings, etc) may be used in the kiddie pool and lazy river, but should never be mistaken as a life saving device. Non-swimmers are always encouraged to wear a life-vest

Dress Code


All attendees must abide by the dress code listed below:

  • – All clothing must be appropriate for use at a water amusement facility.
  • – Swimwear is required in all pools and on all water attractions. Denim, cutoffs, or clothing with plastic or metal accoutrements, rivets or grommets are prohibited on attractions.
  • – Conservatives swimwear only-NO thong swimwear. NO visible undergarments.
  • – Guests may not display any obscene foul, or profane pictures, symbols, phrases, etc.
  • – Guests may not wear any article of clothing which conveys a “gang look” or appears to be gang related. (This may include, but not limited to, altered baseball caps & clothing, bandanas, oversized pants & shirts, or sagging pants displaying undergarments.

Upcoming Events


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For More Information

Park Info

For general inquiries and park info, please contact us by clicking the button below or calling (559) 277-6800

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay if I am not going in the water?

A: Yes, everyone entering the park must pay admission.

Q: Can we bring food into the park?

A: Yes but we do not allow glass, alcohol or knives so be sure to pre-cut your fruit and veggies and put your salsa and mayo in a plastic container.

Q: Can we BBQ or cook food inside the park?

A: No, however you may bring in prepared food that does not require any BBQing, cooking or heating.

Q: Can we bring our own flotation devices?

A: Yes, Coast Guard approved life jackets are acceptable.  Any other personal flotation devices, surfboards, inner tubes, etc. are NOT ALLOWED.  Arm floaties and infant rings are allowed (in Kids Key Largo Lagoon), however should not be mistaken as a life saving device.

Q: Do you have life jackets available?

A: Yes, we provide life jackets at the entrance to the Bondi Beach Wave Pool, the Waimea River and at Kids Key Largo Lagoon.  They are complimentary and available on a first come first served basis.

Q: Is my child required to wear a swim diaper?

A: For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, any child who is NOT potty trained is required to wear a swim diaper.

Q: Can I leave the park and get back in?

A: All guests that have entered the park and are planning on returning later that same day, are required to get a hand stamp at the front gate prior to leaving the park.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We provide two different calendars, an events calendar (Click Here) and also a pdf image (Click Here)

Q: Does my 2 year old need a ticket?

A: No, children 2 and younger are free!